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The conversational card game bringing people closer together

It's okay to get close. 



Every person is a walking story. The right question invites deeper understanding.

Inspired by the honesty of late night conversations, we have soulfully created 150 questions for you to explore, together with others or alone, at any time of the day. 

Here we are. Celebrating our differences. Connecting through shared human experiences. Thinking. Feeling. Healing.


Gamifying Authentic Communication

Feeling lost? Disconnected? Unfulfilled? Stuck? Uninspired?


We got you. 

3:00AM is not your average table-talk card game. We want to go even deeper. 


A game might not change your life or the world overnight, but heart-to-hearts can inspire fresh perspectives and new action.


To be seen, heard, and understood... we think that's the beginning of all good things. 


Are You Awake?


We Encourage You To Discover





Deeper, authentic relationships with others


The curiosity and freedom that comes with mutual self-expression

We recommend you play in pairs of two, but 3:00AM can also be played in small groups or used as solo journaling prompts.

Enjoy the art of meaningful conversation with your partner, friends, family, or even a stranger.

et's hold space for each other.

Chosen as a venture promoting positive social impact on Kickstarter by the Creative Capital Fund.  
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What People Have To Say

"I love hosting dinner parties for my friends –we all know there is nothing better than sitting around the table over good food and good company.This is when I usually pull out 3:00AM to spark a deeper and meaningful conversations.


3:00AM is full of questions that makes you reflect the way you think and also see how others see the world.


From playing this game, it made me have a deeper understanding of my friends, which make me feel closer to them. My favorite part of this game is that it REALLY makes you think and stimulates my brain and who doesn’t like that?"

– Jen

"As close as I thought I was to my friends and boyfriend, 3:00AM created an opportunity for me to learn more about them in a fun environment. I also enjoy playing virtually over the phone to stay connected with friends in other cities."

– Yasmin

"I appreciate that this game was about getting to know people on an intimate level but fun at the same time. Some questions are fun and quirky, while others are deeper and more profound, which I appreciate as someone who likes to get to know a person on the inside. What’s also beautiful is it lets us recognize that we don’t all think the same, and that’s totally fine. This allows us to learn from others perspectives through their answers.​"

– Bella 

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